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What is SWIFT?

SWIFT is a smart Investment account that allows you to make regular deposits from the convenience of your phone.

*SWIFT provides a convenient, credible and competitive path to a better life.

Who can sign up to use the product?

Anyone who is eighteen years of age and above. Minors (people under the age of eighteen years) can be signed up by their parents/guardians in trust for them.


How do I sign up to SWIFT?

Visit and click sign up.

Or dial *721# to register:

1.By yourself

2.Receive a phone call

3.Agent Registration

Whatsapp us on 0556489260

What are the details I need to provide during the sign up?

You are to provide the following personal data:

  1. Phone number
  2. Name
  3. National ID
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Residential Address
  6. Occupation
  7. Hometown
  8. Next of Kin
  9. Address of Next of Kin
  10. Phone number of Next of Kin
  11. Security Question

Do I need to come to your office to sign up?

No, you can sign up using any of the methods indicated above.

How long will it take to sign up?

It should take less than five (5) minutes if your information is readily available.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes. However, each individual account will be linked to a different mobile number.

Can I invest for others?

Yes, provided you have their phone numbers.

Can I sign up if I have no money at the time of sign up?

It is expected that after signing up, you will make a deposit of at least Five Ghana Cedis (GH¢5.00) to activate your account and earn interest.

How long can I invest?

You can invest for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

How do I deposit into my account?

Paying from your mobile money wallet (Mtn, Airtel, Tigo, and Vodafone)

Visa/ Mastercard

Writing a cheque to Dalex SWIFT with your SWIFT account number in bracket


Is there any charge on my investment?

No, there is absolutely no charge on your investment.

How many times can I withdraw money from my SWIFT account?

SWIFT is an investment hence you cannot withdraw your investment like a savings account. However, if you decide to redeem or terminate your investment these are the terms:

Redemption Period Amount to be Received
Early Redemption (6 months) Principal only
6 months maturity Principal +Total Interest Earned for period
After Maturity Principal + Total Interest Earned for period

How long before I can redeem my investment?

You are expected to redeem your investment after maturity. However, if you would like to redeem/terminate your investment before maturity, you can only do this after 3 months.

This means you would receive only your principal without your interest.

What is the minimum amount to deposit?

With Dalex SWIFT, deposits can range from as low as GHS1.00 to Ghs 10,000 or more.


When can I redeem my investment?

You can redeem your investment when it matures. The maturity date is set at the start of the investment.


What is the minimum investment amount?

You start earning interest once you have at least Five Ghana Cedis (GH¢5.00) in your account.

How do I check the balance on my investment?

  • Dial*721# on your phone to receive the balance via SMS.
  • Log in to SWIFT mobile application or website:
  • Call 721 or Whatsapp us on 0556489260

How much interest does my SWIFT investment earn?

1.Your investment earns an interest of 15% per annum if your investment balance is under Ghs3000

2.Your investment earns an interest of 17% per annum compounded if your investment balance is between Ghs3000 and Ghs 10,000

3.Your investment earns an interest of 19% per annum compounded if your investment balance is Ghs10,000 and above


How is interest applied to my investment?

Interest is applied monthly to your investment (compounded interest).

Is there a penalty on early termination?

1.No, there is no penalty on early termination before 6 months into your investment period. However, you are paid only your principal.


How long does it take to process an early termination?

It takes up to forty-eight (48) hours to process an early termination request.


Why should I invest my money in SWIFT?

It is safe:

  • Dalex Finance is a large well-established company

that was voted the ‘2016 Business of the Year’ by the

Ghana Economic Forum,

  • Dalex Finance is regulated by the Bank of Ghana;

It is convenient:

  • You can deposit from the comfort of your mobile phone

via mobile money (MTN, Airtel Tigo, Vodafone)

  • You can deposit over the internet via Visa /Mastercard.

It pays the best rates:

SWIFT Investments earn interest from 15% to 19% per annum.

  • Investment balances of Ghs 10,000 or more earns 19% p.a.


  • Investment balances of Ghs 3,000 or more earns 17% p.a.


  • Investment balances of Ghs 2,999 or less earns 15%p.a.


How will I know when my investment has matured?

Upon maturity, a notification will be sent to you via SMS or through the SWIFT mobile application informing you of the amount invested and the interest earned.

Upon maturity of my investment, what happens to my funds?

You have the option to make:

  • Partial Redemption: Take part of your investment accrued and roll-over the rest
  • Total Redemption: Take your total investment accrued so far.

How long does it take to process my matured entitlements?

It takes a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours to process and pay your matured entitlements.

How do I roll-over my matured funds?

You can reinvest your funds by:

  • Calling our call centre on 721 or 0242435650
  • Making a request through our WhatsApp line 0556489260

Can I take a loan?

A customer can take a loan of not more than 80% of their invested amount. 

How long do I need to invest to qualify for a loan?

You need to contribute for at least three months, ensuring that your loan request constitutes 80% or less of amount invested.

How do I apply for a loan?

You can apply for a loan by:

  • Dialing *721#
  • Through the SWIFT mobile application
  • Call 721 or Whatsapp us on 0556489260

How long does it take to process a loan application?

It takes a maximum of twenty-four (48) hours to process and disburse your loan application if you meet the required conditions.

How much interest do I pay on a loan?

You pay a monthly interest of 2% on a loan.


Is there any charge (commission, processing fee) on disbursed loans?

No, there is no charge on disbursed loans.

How long can I repay a loan?

It cannot go beyond your investment term. Your investment acts as a collateral. However, SWIFT loans attract an interest of 2% per month till it is repaid.

What happens if I have a month remaining on my investment and I need a loan?

You may need to extend your investment term.

Can I still invest when I have a loan?

Yes, you can still invest when you have a loan.


How often can I make a loan repayment?

Repaying of SWIFT loans may be daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc in line with agreed terms.

How do I repay my SWIFT loan?

You can repay your SWIFT loan by using your mobile money wallet (Mtn, Tigo, Airtel and Vodafone), through mobile money merchants (Mtn, Tigo, Airtel and Vodafone).


How do I deposit into my account?

You can deposit into your account using Mobile Money wallet.

Via Mobile APP

  1. Visit
  2. Click on deposit
  3. Select option
  4. Self
  5. Third Party ((making contributions to

another SWIFT account)

  1. Select payment channel
  2. Mobile Money (MTN, Airtel Tigo, Vodafone)
  3. VISA/Mastercard
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Enter Mobile Money pin or Visa/ Mastercard Pin


1.Dial *721# on your phone

2.Select option 1, ‘Make Deposit’

3.Select option;

1.‘Self’ OR

2.‘Third Party’ (making contributions to

another SWIFT account)

4.Enter the amount

5.Enter MM PIN

6.Select option 1, ‘Yes’ to approve transaction.

How do I check the balance on my investment?

Mobile App


Enter your pin

Click on dashboard

View your investment balance


1.Dial *721#

2.Choose option 2 to select “My Account”, then select


1.Choose option 1 to select “check balance”

2.Enter your PIN number, then select “send”

The balance on your investment will appear on your


How do I change my PIN?

Mobile App


Enter your pin

Click on setting button at the top right corner of the screen.


Follow the prompts


1.Dial *721#

2.Choose option 2 to select “My Account”, then select “send”

3.Choose option 3 then select “send”

4.Enter old PIN, then select “send”

5.Enter new PIN, then select “send”

6.Enter new PIN again to confirm new number