Let’s say you are at a restaurant starving and waiting to be served. The lady to take your order makes you feel like you don’t matter, like you are lucky to even be in the restaurant. Wont you complain, demand explanations and eventually get fed up and walk out? After all, your time and money can be spent where you are better appreciated… Then why do we put up with being taken for granted by banks? It’s still our time and money, abi?

Here’s what we mean…

Sometimes the only way to spot these fees is looking at your statement very closely.

READY, STEADY, CHARGE! It goes without saying that banks are in the business of money to make money. Fair enough, all businesses operate with the end goal of realising profits. *The irony with banks though is that they use your money to not only make money but make their business relevant in the first place! They then throw all sorts of seen and unseen charges and fees your way in the name of maintenance and management. And to add in salt to injury (we all know how that burns), it is your money that they loan to people and make anything between 23% and 35% interest on, and then happily proceed to give you a MAXIMUM of 6% if your money with them is in a savings account. If it’s in a current account then massa forget you won’t see where any of the money they make off of your money passes. It won’t happen.

ATM Charges

Getting your money out of your account with the same bank that charges you regular maintenance fees will cost you with every ATM withdrawal. There’s more. In many instances, both financial and non-financial transactions such as a pin change, account statement or balance inquiry are considered as ATM transactions and can attract a fee.

Paying fees when you should be getting returns sucks!

Electronic Alerts

You know those SMS and Email notifications you get when you withdraw your money from your account, or carry out any sort of transaction? Your bank’s probably charging you for those too.

Failure to Maintain Minimum Balance

So, depending on the type of account you have with your bank, in addition to everything you’re paying, you will be charged for not making sure that the money in your account doesn’t fall below a certain level. If that does happen, that same money that your bank said is not enough to be in that account will then be reduced by your bank because of the penalty they’ll hit you with for not having enough money. #Speechless.

Then there are card replacement fees, counter withdrawal for charges for certain amounts and a whole lot of other things that suck you dry in style like a vampire in a three-piece suit… It’s hard.

There’s a Way Out!

DALEX SWIFT. Beyond being an absolutely fantastic way to save, invest and GROW your money with compounding interest up to 16%, you won’t get charged anything, for anything. Need to make redemption? No fee! Want to make a deposit through your mobile wallet? DALEX SWIFT absorbs the fees that your service provider would have charged you. And yes, we do that for Visa and Mastercard Deposits too.

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