ChristMASS or ChristMISS – Which way is your money going?
Rather than wait to see if you’ve been good enough to earn a present from Santa, why not save towards getting one for yourself?

2021 has been in full swing for a while, well, it’s the last week in November so that’s a bit of an understatement. Anyway, the point is this, there’s been a lot to deal with this year. Truthfully, many of us are still dealing with 2020 and all that it brought. So, because #TeamSWIFT loves you so much, we’re giving you a few money-saving tips that could hopefully put a smile on your face this Christmas, or help you do that for someone else.

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7 days of Money

If you’ve never sat down on a Saturday night to decide where your money is going over the next 7 days, then please start ASAP! With that said, do you really need everything you spend on weekly? Knowing your spending habits helps you easily point out what you can cut back on, or eliminate if you realise you actually can do without it.

maximise how you MINIMISE

Things like food and transportation are essential, fortunately, you can cut back on how much the essentials cost you. Go on and accept that lift with your colleague, no matter how annoying they may be, (unless of course, you don’t feel safe or comfortable around them). The money you save will be worth it. And let’s be honest. You don’t really need to get, meat, fish, wele AND egg Every. Single. Time you buy waakye. The same goes for your jollof, and fufu. Even better, take food to work if you can! You’re not eating to impress anyone. Another thing, if you get discounts or extra for paying by mobile money or getting a loyalty card, then go for it! The little savings can go a long way to make a big difference.

Lose some weight!

Calm down. We’re talking about extra spending weight that you can shed. When was the last time you signed a cheque? If you have a current / chequing account and you haven’t paid for anything with a cheque in over a year then ask yourself if the extra 30, or 40 cedis your bank charges you every month is really worth keeping that account. How about your phone or home data plan? If you’re still with your provider just because you started with them, then it’s time to check if you can get a better deal elsewhere. You might just be pleasantly surprised!

Money was never made to be the master of anyone, just a means of getting by a little easier…

Now, you won’t be able to buy a house with the savings between today and the festive season, but the extra money will come in handy. And no, we’re not letting you off the hook… make sure to put some of it into your SWIFT investment too.

The great thing about these tips is that they work all year through, so don’t stop!

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